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PAIGC Militant Education




This present work brings to light the educational project developed by the African Party for the Independence of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC) during the period of the armed liberation struggle against the Portuguese colonial regime in Guinea Bissau (1963-1974).


The work goes further to explore the practices of education in the period after independence until 1978.


It includes an extended analysis of reports and printed material produced by the PAIGC, and expands its sources to oral testimonies, exploring militants individual and collective experiences on education under the colonial regime, that finally led  the Party militants to develop their concept, practices and materials for the militant education project. 


An invaluable contribution to the history of education in Guinea Bissau in specific and African and World history of education in general, the present work leads the reader through the paths of education during colonialism, and the challenges  to the process of decolonize education during and after the armed conflict for independence and  liberation. 

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